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Category Archives: Distracted Driving Accidents


Characteristics Linked To Distracted Driving

By Michael P. Burakoff |

Safety should be a priority while driving, yet many drivers don’t always focus when behind the wheel. They are engaging in activities that take their hands, eyes, and focus off the act of driving. Distracted driving is a serious situation that kills more than 3,000 people every year. While any action not related to… Read More »

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New Jersey City To Crack Down On Distracted Drivers

By Michael P. Burakoff |

Many motorists text while driving. This is distracting behavior that can cause a driver to lose focus of the road. They may take their hands off the wheel, their eyes off the road and their mind off the task of driving. Distracted driving is a serious issue that causes thousands of fatalities every year…. Read More »

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New Jersey’s Distracted Driving Laws

By Michael P. Burakoff |

With smartphones being so ubiquitous nowadays, people use them all the time—even while they’re driving. You probably see drivers on their phones on a daily basis. While texting, emailing and searching the internet isn’t so dangerous when a person is sitting at home, it can have deadly results when done while driving. Phone use… Read More »

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New Jersey Woman Faces Prison Time in Distracted Driving Case

By Michael P. Burakoff |

Driving is an activity that requires a lot of focus. However, some motorists think nothing of using their phones or engaging in other distracting behaviors while driving, even though distracted driving accounted for 8.5% of fatal car accidents in 2019. In fact, distracted driving led to the death of a pedestrian in New Jersey…. Read More »

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