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Category Archives: Hit And Run Accidents


NJ Driver Flees Accident Scene, Crashes Into Tree

By Michael P. Burakoff |

When a person gets into a car crash, they need to stop at the accident scene. When they fail to do so, it could cause a whole chain of events, like crashing into a tree and totaling a car. A recent accident in New Jersey incorporated multiple elements, including hit and run, intoxication, injuries,… Read More »

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Driver Charged With Hit And Run After Killing Pedestrian

By Michael P. Burakoff |

It can be hard for drivers to see pedestrians, so they are often hit. When a driver hits a pedestrian, they need to stop and offer assistance. It’s the law. When they fail to do so, they can be arrested and charged with various crimes. This was recently the case in New Jersey. A… Read More »

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New Jersey Man Charged In Fatal Hit And Run Accident

By Michael P. Burakoff |

Many drivers do not follow all the laws. Some don’t carry auto insurance. Others don’t even have a driver’s license or they may not stop after an accident. These are all elements in hit and run crashes. A New Jersey man is facing hit and run charges after hitting a pedestrian and then fleeing… Read More »

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