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School Bus Crashes Into New Jersey Home


School bus drivers need to be safe, as they often carry children. But even when they are operating the bus as intended, things can happen, such as defects. A defective bus can cause a serious crash as well as injuries.

Two students were injured when a school bus crashed into a New Jersey home. The accident was caused by defective brakes. The crash happened on the morning of October 18 on Rahway Road in Edison.

The crash happened when the driver hit the brakes but the bus accelerated instead. Video from a Ring camera showed the school bus crashing into a home on Rahway Road. The bus took down several fences and crashed into the garage of the home. The impact of the bus knocked down bricks from the home. Debris was strewn all over the lawn.

A homeowner who witnessed the accident had never seen anything like that before and hoped to not ever see it again. Video shows close to 30 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from John Adams Middle School walking off the school bus. Two students suffered minor injuries. The bus driver was not injured, but frustrated that she could not stop the bus. She did what she could to keep the kids safe despite the circumstances.

There were three people inside the house cleaning. Fortunately, none were injured.

The bus, owned by the Joy Transportation Company, was taken out of service in May due to an exterior body issue. The bus was later inspected and approved to go back into service.

At the middle school, a therapy dog was brought in to comfort traumatized students.

Counseling services were made available for students who were riding the bus at the time. The principal and teachers are providing the students with the support they need. The Department of Transportation and several agencies are investigating the crash to determine what happened.

Defective Brakes on School Bus

School bus drivers face various challenging operating conditions on a daily basis. Frequent stops, road salts, hilly terrain, rural roads, and traffic can all put stress on a bus’ braking systems. Because of this, inspecting and maintaining school bus brakes is very important.

Thorough brake inspections are essential to keeping school buses running safely. Many service-related items need to be inspected regularly, such as rotor plate thickness, brake hose flexibility, brake fluid condition, and lining condition. Brake fluid is intended to absorb moisture, so too much moisture can cause problems and affect the integrity of the brake system. Manufacturers’ recommendations and procedures should be practiced for all brake service work and part replacement

Brakes being out of adjustment is a common problem. This can be caused by broken brake components, actuator issues, slacks, and drum/hub issues.

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