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Product Liability Issues in Packaging


Consumers expect that the products they buy will be safe and packaged properly. While most products are safe for use, sometimes the problem is with the packaging. Packaging may not seem like a huge issue, but poor packaging can actually be a product liability issue. Some instances of poor packaging have led to burns, lacerations and even pregnancy.

Packaging is supposed to protect consumers. That’s why medications are in childproof containers, for example. Other types of products should have packaging that is easy to open and close. The packaging should also be easy to handle. Defective packaging can affect the product as well as the consumer who opens the package. This is especially the case when the product in question is a sharp object, such as a knife.

Packaging should also have clear instructions. If the product is meant for a specific age, that should be noted on the product packaging. While packaging should protect consumers, it should not be too complicated. When products have multiple levels of packaging, this can be confusing.

When poor packaging leads to injury or death, it can result in a product liability claim, even when the product itself is fine.

Examples of Defective Packaging

There have been many examples of defective packaging. One involves a child who suffered serious burns due to a poorly designed pizza box. The hot pizza slid onto her lap, causing disfigurement. A packaged knife sawed its way out of the box and injured a woman. An ambulance worker gave a patient a drug with packaging that resembled a different drug. The patient received the wrong drug and filed a lawsuit.

One packaging issue even led to pregnancy. This happened to a Florida woman who became pregnant even though she took birth control pills. Even though there is always a risk of pregnancy when using birth control, the woman found out that she became pregnant because her birth control pills were packaged incorrectly. The pills were in the wrong order, so she took the wrong pills each day. The pills were not effective, which caused her to get pregnant.

In some cases, the packaging breaks, causing injury. This is often the case with glass jars, which can shatter upon delivery. A consumer may open a package and cut themselves on the glass pieces.

Defective packaging can also happen with food products. A hole in a packaging can cause beverages to go stale or food to go bad without the consumer noticing. This can cause food poisoning, especially when the product is a perishable food, such as meat, fruit, vegetables or dairy products.

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When you think of product liability issues, you may think that the product itself is defective. However, in some cases, the issue is with the packaging.

If you have a product liability claim, you’ll need a sufficient amount of evidence in order to succeed. The Morristown product liability attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff can help you fight a case involving poor product design and packaging. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling (973) 455-1567.



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