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FDA Recalls Sodas Due to Dangerous Dyes


We know that sodas aren’t necessarily the healthiest drink, but are they really that dangerous? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seems to think so. Four soda products were recently recalled due to dangerous food dyes. One has even been linked to cancer.

The recalled products are Pink Lemonade, Yellow Lemonade, Yellow Lemonade X, and Cola Flavoring Base. All four products are from the Charles Boggini Company, which supplies drink concentrates and flavors to other manufacturers and retailers. The recalls affect 28 gallons of the pink lemonade, 112 gallons of the yellow lemonade products, and more than 2,700 gallons of the cola flavoring base.

The company voluntarily recalled the drinks in March due to undeclared food dyes. The pink and yellow lemonades contained Red 40 and Yellow 5. These dyes contain benzidine, which is a known human and animal carcinogen. While benzidine is allowed to be used in dyes, it must be used in small amounts and companies must inform consumers that the product contains benzidine.

The Cola Flavoring Base contained sulfites, which can cause allergic skin reactions, respiratory issues, and digestive issues such as stomach pain or diarrhea. According to the FDA, the pink lemonade and cola flavoring base are considered to be Class II health hazards, while the yellow lemonade drinks were classified as a Class III health hazard. The products were recalled in nine states: New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois,  Arizona, and Nevada.

The benzidine risk raises health issues. Ingestion of free benzidine raises the cancer risk to just under the “concern” threshold. Red 40 food dye is linked to health issues such as allergies, migraine headaches, and mental disorders such as ADHD in children. Yellow 5 may lead to allergic and intolerance reactions in people with asthma.

Dangers of Food Dyes

Food dyes are often used in foods and drinks to enhance their appearance. However, these additives can cause adverse health effects in some people. Some common issues include:

  • Allergic reactions. Certain food dyes can cause allergic reactions in some people, including hives and asthma symptoms.
  • Behavioral issues. Some studies suggest a link between artificial food dyes and increased hyperactivity such as ADHD and other behavioral problems.
  • Carcinogenic concerns. Some food dyes have been linked to cancer in animal studies. Sensitivity and intolerance. Some people may experience food dye sensitivity, which can cause headaches, migraines, or skin reactions.

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The foods and drinks that we buy regularly may not be healthy for us. Some contain ingredients that may be unhealthy when consumed in large quantities.

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