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LG Ranges May Be Defective, According To Class Action Lawsuit


There are some products that you just can’t get to work, no matter what. And then there are those that turn on and work a little too easily. This can be a dangerous situation, causing fires and other accidents.

This is the case with certain LG electric ranges. The knobs are able to turn inadvertently, so the ranges may turn on by accident. This is an unsafe situation that can create a high fire risk in the kitchen.

A class action lawsuit was filed against LG Electronics USA in early October in New Jersey, where the appliance manufacturer is based. The lawsuit represents all United States residents who have an LG electric range with front-mounted knobs primarily for household use. The 39-page complaint alleges that the ranges have a defect that makes it so the control knobs are able to depress and rotate with inadvertent contact. This causes the range to turn on accidentally and without warning.

The defect is caused by the low detent force and the short distance the front-mounted burner control knobs need to rotate in order for the LG ranges to be turned on. It is too easy for the knobs to be pushed in and rotated without resistance, making the ranges unsafe for normal use.

The lawsuit claims that LG has known about the problem since 2021. There have been numerous complaints posted online in product reviews by customers. However, the company has not done anything about the issue. Meanwhile, LG is still selling the potentially dangerous electric ranges. On top of that, the company often denies warranty claims arising from the problem, leaving buyers with no recourse for fixing the issue.

According to the lawsuit, activating a stove burner should be the result of two separate actions: pushing in the control knob and then rotating the knob to the desired heating level. Customers do not expect the range to turn on when the knob is not turned but all that is needed is a single smooth motion to unintentionally activate the range. In fact, children and pets have caused burners to activate and cause fires, as the design of the LG electric ranges puts no space between the consumer and the hazard.

Since the outermost burner control knobs on the LG ranges protrude further than the oven handles themselves, there is no guarding effect. In addition, the oven handles’ rounded design further allows this inadvertent contact to occur.

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