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Garbage Truck Crashes Into Toll Plaza


A woman who hardly ever called in sick from work did so on the morning of April 12 and while her boss may not have been happy with her decision, it literally saved her life.

When the toll collector from Jersey Shore woke up that morning, she had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen. Her gut told her something terrible would happen, so she called out of work.

About four hours later, there was a violent crash at the Barnegat Toll Plaza, where the woman usually works. A garbage truck crashed into the toll booth. Debris from the crash hit a Chevy pickup. A toll collector and the truck driver suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The woman was informed of the situation and her immediate response was to drop to her knees. She started crying and prayed for everybody involved. She thanked God she was not involved in the crash. The injured toll collector was released from the hospital later that day.

The woman went back to work the next day. Thinking about the crash brings a mix of emotions. The woman’s mother was emotional about the situation. She said she feels so happy that her daughter wasn’t there, but at the same time, she is heartbroken for the ones who were involved.

The woman claims she started getting a lot closer to God in the past several months and believes 100% that God was looking out for her. The crash is still under investigation.

Toll Booth Crashes

Unfortunately, toll booth crashes happen often and some are even deadly. Toll booths can be dangerous, as traffic slows down. Drivers need to stop and pay tolls, which gives drivers a false sense of security. They may not pay as much attention as they should, and taking their focus off the road can lead to serious crashes.

Driver fatigue is a common risk associated with toll booths. Toll booths are often placed on long stretches of highway, and drivers may be tired at this point. Also, some states have toll booths intermittently, while others do not have any at all. There is not necessarily a consistent pattern of toll booths, so drivers may not expect them, causing them to drive erratically.

While many toll booths are electronic nowadays, there are still some that are manned by city and state employees, like the one in this case. These workers are at risk of being hit by vehicles if they have to exit the booth for any reason or if the vehicle collides with the toll booth.

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