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Dunkin’ Sued For Defective Product After Customer Suffers Burns


When people order coffee from their local coffee shop, they don’t expect to get injured in the process. When the barista hands them their cup of coffee, they don’t think about the possibility of being burned by the contents.

This happened to a man in New Jersey. He has filed a lawsuit against Dunkin’, accusing the coffee shop of causing him to suffer permanent burns from its excessively hot coffee. The man, from Hanover Township, was given a hot cup of coffee. The lid suddenly came off and he got burned by the scalding liquid inside.

The incident happened on September 19, 2021. The man visited a Dunkin’ store in Morris Plains, located on Speedwell Avenue. The lid was not secure, causing the coffee to spill. As a result, he allegedly suffered severe and permanent burn injuries. The man has missed work and is still incurring medical expenses from the hot coffee.

The lawsuit names the Dunkin’ Donuts location as well as the franchise owners as defendants. It states that the workers failed to properly secure the lid of the coffee. The coffee spilled and it was at a temperature that was excessively hot. The workers failed to provide proper warning about the temperature of the coffee and were otherwise reckless and negligent in selling coffee. The man is demanding a trial by jury.

There has been a string of lawsuits about New Jersey Dunkin’ franchises in the past year. Lawsuits over hot coffee spills have been filed against Dunkin’ locations in Bergen, Burlington, Camden and Passaic counties.

Other Victims Have Filed Suit

Other Dunkin’ customers have been burned as well. Many have suffered second- and third-degree burns. Many have had to take time off from work and have accumulated significant medical expenses.

Hot liquid lawsuits have been going on for about two decades. It was that long ago that we first heard about the infamous hot coffee lawsuit from the McDonald’s customer. The woman suffered serious burns after the coffee spilled in her lap while in a drive-thru. At the time, the lawsuit was seen as frivolous, but it was a traumatic experience for the 79-year-old woman. In the end, she won $3 million for her damages.

That case is still talked about today because customers are still being burned by hot coffee. While not all these incidents are the fault of the restaurant or its workers, they can be held liable in some cases. For example, if the temperature of the liquid is excessively hot, not properly stored, or lacking sufficient warning labels, then it’s possible that the business could be held liable.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

While coffee is supposed to be hot, it’s not supposed to be so hot that it causes permanent damage due to burns. This may seem like a frivolous lawsuit to some, but there is clear negligence involved.

Not all consumer injuries are the company’s fault. A Morristown product liability attorney from The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff can help you understand what elements you need to prove. Schedule a free consultation by calling (973) 455-1567 or filling out the online form.

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