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Were You Injured At Work During The Holidays?


Accidents at work become more common in warehouses in New Jersey and across the country as Americans buy Christmas presents, clogging up the supply chain and forcing workers to get as much done as possible.

Indeed, longer work shifts and increased production rates are the norm this time of year as warehouse workers struggle to meet customer demands. After all, everyone wants their packages by December 24. But overworking employees is not the answer, and it’s an attitude that can lead to serious injuries.

Employers do need to meet customer demand but they also need to ensure workers are safe, so they need to strike a good balance. This is key to preventing workplace accidents during the holidays.

Common Injuries During the Holidays

Workers are moving faster than ever to get work done in time. This means that many are engaging in dangerous behavior, such as unsecurely storing products and improper lifting. Many workers are not wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) as often as they should. Some are moving so quickly that they may lose their balance. They may use hazardous chemicals without properly reading the Safety Data Sheets.

Another common issue, especially in warehouses, is that many employees use tools and machines without proper training. They may work with unsafe equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Managers need to know how to deal with these issues and keep employees safe. Otherwise, workers can suffer serious injuries such as:

  • Back injuries. A worker can suffer strains and sprains by lifting items that are too heavy. Working in awkward postures for extended periods of time can also cause back injuries, as can hazards such as slips, trips, and falls.
  • Broken bones. Getting stuck between equipment can lead to crush injuries, such as broken bones and joint dislocations.
  • Getting cut by tools and other items in a warehouse can lead to minor and major lacerations.
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals and fire can cause burns. So can machines and equipment that generate heat and steam.

Avoiding Injuries

Avoid injuries in the workplace by doing the following:

  • Use two people or a device to lift loads over 40 pounds.
  • Avoid awkward postures.
  • Do not operate tools and equipment unless you are properly trained to do so.
  • Stretch and take breaks often.
  • Read all sections of Safety Data Sheets before working with chemicals.
  • Employers should conduct daily safety reviews daily to assess hazards and keep working areas safe.

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