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Worker Dies in Accident at Metal Polishing Company


Some jobs are more dangerous than others. For example, a person operating heavy machinery is more likely to get into a serious accident compared to an office worker who sits at a desk all day.

This is typical in the construction and industrial sectors. For example, a New Jersey man was recently killed in an accident at a metal polishing company. The 46-year-old man died after he was hit by a beam.

The fatal accident happened on the morning of June 11. A worker at Diamond Brite Metals in Middlesex was using a forklift to move a metal beam. The man was guiding the beam when a strap that was holding the beam broke. The beam then fell on him. Police arrived at the scene and found the North Plainfield man unresponsive. The man died at the accident scene.

The incident is under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The agency has six months to investigate.

Dangers of Forklifts 

Forklifts are often necessary to transport large objects, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some dangers to be aware of:

  • Tip-over accidents. Overloading, driving on uneven surfaces, and unstable loads can cause a forklift to tip over.
  • Forklifts have limited visibility, especially when carrying large loads. This often leads to potential crashes with objects, other vehicles, or pedestrians.
  • Falling loads. Loads that are incorrectly stacked or not strapped on tightly can fall off the forks. Shifting loads due to sudden movements or abrupt stops can result in dropped materials.
  • Operator fatigue. Extended periods of forklift operation without adequate breaks can lead to operator fatigue, increasing the likelihood of errors and accidents.
  • Mechanical failures. Inadequate maintenance can lead to mechanical failures, such as brake or steering malfunctions. Using a forklift with worn or damaged parts can compromise safety.
  • Hazardous materials. Forklifts carrying hazardous materials pose risks of spills and leaks, which can be dangerous to health and the environment. Forklifts operating near flammable or combustible materials can cause fires or explosions.

To mitigate these dangers, safety is key. Comprehensive training programs are necessary for operators so they can understand safe forklift operation and handling techniques. Routine checks and maintenance should be done to ensure forklifts are in good working condition. Also, loads should be within capacity, properly balanced, and securely fastened.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Unfortunately, workplace accidents can be deadly. When large materials and heavy machinery are involved, the risk of a serious accident is even greater.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed on a construction site, seek legal help from a Morristown construction accident injury attorney from The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff. We are familiar with both workers’ compensation law and personal injury law, so we’ll work hard to get you a fair outcome with full compensation. Call (973) 455-1567 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.



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