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Dog Owners Reminded to Control Dogs After Vicious Attack


When a child is attacked by a dog, it’s often a catastrophic situation. It’s also devastating, given that no child should have to worry about dog bites. Dogs are man’s best friend, after all — until they’re not.

Dog owners need to do more to control their dogs. They cannot assume their canine companions are friendly to everyone. Certain situations can cause a dog to act out of character. For example, a dog that is sick or injured may lash out due to pain, even if they have never acted like that in the past. Just like humans sometimes reach their breaking points, dogs do as well.

A recent dog attack in New Jersey is serving as a reminder that dogs can attack and cause mental and physical pain as well as financial burdens to others. The dog attack, which happened in Paramus, caused a child to receive nearly 20 stitches.

The incident occurred when a parent and their child were walking past a home in the borough. Suddenly, a large dog busted through a screen door and attacked the child. The child suffered cust to their face, head, ears, and lips.

The dog is currently under quarantine outside of New Jersey to determine if it has any diseases. The dog was not current with its vaccinations. It had not been vaccinated or licensed since 2021, which is illegal under state law. The dog is around 3 years old and will likely have to be given to another owner.

The city of Paramus fines residents $20 for failing to license and vaccinate a pet. However, the anguish and financial burden caused by the dog attack will far exceed that amount.

Tyco Animal Control, which provides animal control services in Paramus, is taking action and getting the word out about dog attacks. Here are some situations in which dogs are most likely to bite:

  • The dog is poorly trained or socialized. Dogs need to be trained and socialized with other dogs. When they learn to get along with a wide range of people and animals, they are less likely to bite.
  • The dog is scared. Dogs who are scared will become anxious and ready to bite anything that is bothering them, including people.
  • The dog is possessive/protective. When dogs are protecting something or feeling possessive of a bone or toy, they will become threatened. This can cause them to attack even their owners.
  • The dog is tired/sleeping. A tired dog is less tolerant of their surroundings. Startling a dog awake can cause them to bite.

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Dog attacks happen way too often. Many pet owners treat their dogs like children, but they need to be disciplining them and enforcing rules.

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