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Woman Killed After Collision With Building


Car accidents happen, and they are all different. Some involve other cars. Others are solo-vehicle crashes that may involve objects such as poles, trees, and buildings.

A crash with a building can be dangerous and even deadly. A recent accident in Camden has left a woman dead. The fatal crash occurred on the evening of November 22 on Route 130.

A woman was driving a Toyota when she collided with a building while driving on Route 130. The accident happened on the southbound side of Route 130, near Federal Street. The woman was killed in the crash. Roads in the area were closed as police investigated. The cause of the crash is unknown. No further details have been released.

Crashes With Buildings

Vehicles colliding with buildings is a common event. In fact, it happens approximately 100 times a day. Cars collide with all sorts of buildings, including stores, restaurants, gas stations, offices, and even houses. Many people are injured and killed in these accidents.

Why do these crashes occur? Some experts say it has to do with the road type. Business districts tend to have wide, fast-moving roads. These are called “stroads,” and they combine the functionality of a street (a place for people and businesses to interact) with the abilities of a road (a high-speed route between people and places).

From a safety perspective, stroads are dangerous, leading to increased conflicts between human interaction and car use. A stroad’s width also encourages drivers to speed, making accidents more likely to occur.

It is estimated that 20% of car–building crashes are caused by pedal error, which occurs when a driver presses the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. While technological improvements in vehicles have helped to some degree, more needs to be done to prevent these accidents.

Many business owners have been proactive and taking action to keep their buildings safe. Many have installed increased lighting, while some have placed bollards, or posts, in front of their stores in order to keep vehicles from coming through and causing damage. While these bollards may prevent damage to buildings, they don’t prevent what is causing the collisions in the first place. It is driver error. Whether it is fatigue, visibility issues, intoxication, speeding, or loss of control, these factors all need to be taken into consideration.

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It’s important to be careful when driving, especially at night. Accidents are more common in the dark, when visibility is reduced.

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