Slip and fall accidents in New Jersey

Picture a dimly lit stairway that a bucket of mop water has just been spilled on. There are also boxes and other pieces of debris that have been left in the stairwell. This is an extremely dangerous situation for someone who might be walking down the stairway. The person won’t be able to see the obstacles ahead of him or her and a fatal or injurious trip and fall accident could easily result.

At the Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, PA, we represent individuals in all manner of slip and fall events. We help them seek financial compensation to pay for the medical care, lost time at work, disabilities and other damages relating to their slip and fall injuries.

Slip and fall accidents fall under the category of premises liability accidents in the state of New Jersey. They can happen as a result of broken stair railings, poorly maintained floors, wet floors, cracked sidewalks, faulty escalators, problematic or malfunctioning elevators and a lot more kinds of circumstances.

Under New Jersey law, business owners, property owners and property managers can be held financially liable for financial damages relating to slip and fall accidents that are attributed to their negligence. Property owners have to take reasonable action to maintain the safety of their properties for visitors. This includes security against violent crime, safe walkways, proper lighting, the removal of debris and obstacles and the fixing of other dangerous situations.

If you suspect that your slip and fall injuries were caused by a negligent property owner, you may benefit from investigating how New Jersey personal injury law applies to your situation.

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