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Infant Killed, Parents Injured in Pit Bull Attack


It’s always devastating when a child dies. This is especially true when the baby is killed by a family pet.

Sadly, this was recently the case in New Jersey. A 3-month-old infant was killed in a dog attack in New Jersey. The fatal incident happened on the morning of March 9 in Woodbridge Township.

Woodbridge police responded to a call regarding a dog attack. The mother and her baby were found with serious injuries and the baby was unresponsive. The baby later died at the scene.

The mother, a 21-year-old woman, suffered numerous cuts to her arms, legs, and face. The baby’s father, a 27-year-old man, also suffered unspecified injuries. Both were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The family dog, a pit bull, was later euthanized. Authorities are now trying to determine what happened before the attack. It is unknown how long the dog has been with the family and whether it had a history of aggressive behavior.

The investigation is active and continuing. Anyone with information about the attack should call Woodbridge police and county prosecutors.

Under New Jersey law, a dog or any other domestic animal that scratches or bites a human must be placed in a 10-day quarantine at the owner’s expense. After 10 days, an animal control officer or health officer is required to evaluate the animal. If a dog is deemed to be vicious, it will be euthanized. In New Jersey, the dog’s owner can be held liable for damages resulting from the bite.

Unfortunately, cases of dogs turning on their owners and families have increased dramatically.

But why? While certain breeds can be more dangerous than others, a lack of socialization and training can also be to blame. Any dog that is not properly trained or socialized can develop aggression toward people, including their own families.

Dog owners should not overlook any signs of hostility from their dogs. They are recommended to seek professional help to address any aggressive behaviors.

Are Pit Bulls Really That Dangerous?

The American pit bull terrier is considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the entire world — not just the United States. They are a very aggressive breed known for attacking and killing people. They are very strong dogs that are not scared of anything.

These bully breeds have been feared by the public for decades. There’s no doubt that pit bulls are stereotyped, but not without good reason. They are unpredictable and will even attack their own family members. Their aggression has also been supported by media reports and claims.

While pit bulls make up 6% of the dogs in the United States, they have been responsible for 68% of dog bites since 1982.

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Dogs are not always friendly creatures. Certain breeds, such as pit bulls, are known for their dangerous tendencies.

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