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Study: 20 percent of teen athletes have suffered a concussion

In recent years, there's been increased research into the impact of head injuries on athletes of all ages who play contact sports. Although significant media attention has focused on professional football players, parents, coaches and doctors are increasingly cognizant of the dangers of concussions and other brain injuries in high school athletes and those who are even younger.

Just how prevalent are concussions among teenage athletes? That's what researchers set out to determine in a recently-published study. About one-fifth of participants (of both genders) in 8th,10th and 12th grades reported having suffered at least one concussion.

What can you do if you've been a victim of hazing in New Jersey?

A recent poll, conducted by NBC News, shows that at least three-quarters of all Americans believe that both sororities and fraternities should be deterred from continuing to be allowed to engage in hazing. Among those same respondents, though, 41 percent reportedly expressed concern over whether hazing would ever fully be eradicated on college campuses.

Although it's a longstanding practice of many college fraternities to have their pledges successfully pass several hazing rituals in order to qualify to enter their ranks, this type of recruiting is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Woman sues lock-maker, retailer after brutal attack

Can a victim of a violent crime sue a lock-maker if an intruder was able to get past a locked door and attack that person? That's what one woman is going to find out.

The woman was attacked two years ago when she was 26. A man forced his way into her home, where she was alone. He stabbed her 17 times and sexually assaulted her. The man pleaded guilty to a number of charges in connection with the attack, including attempted murder.

Multiple deaths linked to weight loss treatment

Many people are drawn to surgical procedures and medical devices that promise to help people lose dramatic amounts of weight that they can't otherwise seem to drop. One type of obesity treatment, balloons filled with saline and inserted in the stomach, has been linked to at least five deaths since last year. The treatment involves two balloons inserted into the patient's stomach and then inflated using the solution to help give people a sensation of being full.

The victims were using the Orbera Intragastric Balloon System made by Apollo Endo-Surgery or the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System manufactured by ReShape Medical Inc. All died within a month of getting them. Three of these deaths occurred within the first three days of insertion. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a safety alert on these two products.

Failure to yield: A huge reason for serious car accidents

When looking at accident causes, the discussion often turns to things like drunk driving, distracted driving or teen drivers. All of these things factor in, but studies have shown that one of the biggest causes is far more simple: failure to yield.

The problem -- when one driver fails to yield the right of way -- is that the other driver probably assumes he or she knows exactly what's happening. This can lead to accidents that could have been avoided, but they're impossible to predict.

Second inmate dies this summer in New Jersey jail

A second inmate of a Hudson County jail has died in just over a month. The most recent victim was a 48-year-old woman who was serving a six-month DWI sentence. That's the mandatory sentence for anyone convicted of a third DWI.

The woman reportedly suffered a head injury in a fall from her bunk. She had spent over half of her sentence, which was almost over, in the infirmary. That's where she would be found dead in the early morning hours of July 14. Jail staff claim that they had checked on her just an hour earlier, and she seemed to be fine.

Why cruise line passengers are vulnerable to sexual assault

If your vacation plans this year include a cruise, remember that the chances of being a victim of a crime don't disappear when you leave port. You may actually be more vulnerable.

Last year, almost 100 crimes were reported by cruise lines. Over two-thirds of those were sexual assaults. Of course, these could be just a small fraction of the real numbers.

Premises liability issues can't be ignored

As the holiday weekend nears, everyone needs to remember that they must keep their property in good shape so that guests aren't injured. This includes all property owners from commercial property owners to homeowners.

When someone is injured on another person's property, the injured person might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. This is something that can be unexpected, but it is often the only way for the injured person to avoid financial ruin that would be the result of the injury.

Side underride guards on trucks can decrease fatalities

Crashes that involve cars and trucks generally end far worse for those in the smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, despite more stringent safety regulations, fatal crashes that involve large trucks are increasing rather than decreasing.

One of the most dangerous scenarios is when a car ends up underneath a large tractor-trailer. Federal law mandates that large trucks be equipped with underride guards, but it does not require those safeguards for the sides of trucks, even though crash tests have shown that dummies inside a car have their heads smashed if the car hits a truck from the side -- even one going as slow as 35 miles per hour.

Study finds that small cars are more dangerous

Those of us who don't have kids to transport to and from school often choose small vehicles. They don't use a lot of gas, and they are easy to maneuver in and out of parking spaces. Many of them are also very cool-looking. However, they also account for the highest rate of traffic fatalities, according to a new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The IIHS studied 2014 vehicles and older of all sizes and the number of fatalities reported between 2012 and 2015 according to the federal government. Over half of the mid-size and larger vehicles included in the study had the lowest fatality rates. Some had no fatalities in those years.

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