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2 Killed In Solo-Vehicle Accident In Ramsey


Solo-vehicle accidents are often as deadly as multi-vehicle crashes. These accidents often involve hitting fixed objects, such as trees and poles, and the impact can lead to fatality.

Unfortunately, this was recently the case in New Jersey. A woman and her son were recently killed when their vehicle hit a tree in Ramsey. The fatal accident occurred on the afternoon of November 29.

A 77-year old man from Rhode Island was driving a Jeep Cherokee with his mother, a 96-year-old woman from Upper Saddle River, as a passenger. The vehicle was traveling north on Route 17 in Ramsey when it went off the road for unknown reasons. The Jeep hit a tree at an Exxon gas station.

The woman died at the accident scene. Firefighters extricated the man from the Jeep but he later died.

Northbound Route 17 was closed at Lake Street for several hours as crews cleaned up the debris from the crash and police investigated. No other vehicles were involved. The cause of the accident is still being determined.

Why Do Vehicles Crash Into Trees?

It may seem as though vehicles crash into trees and other objects a majority of the time. However, vehicles tend to crash into each other.

There’s a reason why you’re more likely to hear about a vehicle crashing into a tree than two vehicles colliding. That’s because crashes involving stationary objects tend to be more deadly. Plus, these crashes don’t usually block the road (although they can at times), so they’ll be on the side of the road and more people will see them.

Another thing to consider is that trees, poles, and other objects tend to be solid and very sturdy. When a vehicle hits them, the impact is huge. This makes the damage (and injuries) quite significant. In fact, you may notice that the front of the vehicle will crumple up. That’s because the front ends of vehicles have crumple zones, which is a structural safety feature used to absorb the energy from the impact during a collision. Still, the impact is so great that fatalities are common in these cases.

So why are there so many trees on the side of the road? Wouldn’t it make sense to have something else in their place, such as safety barriers? Barriers can help reduce the consequences of an accident by responding adequately when struck by a car. However, removing the already existing trees will likely be an issue with environmentalists.

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Car accidents can happen in various ways and cause catastrophic injuries and death. Hitting a tree is especially deadly — not many people survive that.

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