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2 Killed, 3 Injured In Multi-Vehicle Crash


A car accident can cause a lot of damage, especially if multiple vehicles are involved. A multi-vehicle crash can cause serious injuries and even death.

Sadly, this was recently the case in Linden. Three vehicles collided on Routes 1 and 9, killing two people and seriously injuring three others. The fatal accident occurred on the evening of June 15.

The incident occurred when a BMW sedan heading north slammed into a Mazda sedan that was making a U-turn from Interstate 278. The Mazda then collided with a Honda SUV before swerving off the road. Two men in the Mazda died at the accident scene. They were identified as brothers 15-year-old Clarence Green and 22-year-old Manuel Green.

The driver of the Honda as well as a man and a woman in the BMW were injured and taken to Newark University Hospital. Their injuries are non-life-threatening and they are expected to survive. Northbound Routes 1 and 9 were closed for more than six hours after the accident. The cause is being investigated.

What to Know About Multi-Vehicle Crashes

When one or two vehicles are involved in a crash, it’s easier to determine who is at fault. When three or more vehicles are involved, though, it becomes more difficult. These are called multi-vehicle accidents and can be caused in a variety of ways, particularly chain reactions. For example, when two cars collide, other vehicles may not stop to avoid the crash and collide into them. A vehicle could be rear-ended and pushed into vehicles in front of it, colliding with them.

Many multi-vehicle crashes happen on the highway because when one vehicle crashes, it’s often hard to avoid it. There is nowhere for the other vehicles to go, so it can result in a multi-vehicle pileup. When vehicles rubberneck and travel too close together, they can also cause multi-vehicle accidents. Weather conditions and speeding can also cause this to happen. The negligence of one driver can affect many vehicles.

When multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, recovering compensation can be more difficult. That’s because more than one person can be considered liable, so it’s necessary to determine the degree of fault of each person involved. In addition, there could be more than one person injured or killed, so this complicates things further as police and insurance companies investigate. Another thing to consider is that there may not be enough insurance to pay for all the damages involved. Once you factor in vehicle damage, injuries, medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, and emotional damages, an accident involving three or more vehicles can result in costs exceeding $100,000.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

While many car accidents are minor, some are catastrophic and even fatal. These car crashes can cause a variety of injuries and other damages.

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