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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Do fatality rates in certain cars tell the whole story?

Cars must pass certain safety protocols before going into production, but that doesn't mean they all offer the same exactly level of safety to those inside. You can look at the fatality rates for various makes and models and see which ones are involved in the most deadly accidents, perhaps showing a link that makes you wary when it's time to go buy a new car.

When should senior citizens give up driving?

For senior citizens, being able to drive means hanging on to their precious independence just a little bit longer. They don't have to worry about becoming a burden on their adult children or on younger friends as long as they still have cars and valid drivers' licenses.

New Jersey bill proposes strictest distracted driving ban

Two assemblymen from New Jersey recently proposed a bill that, if it passes, will be the most restrictive distracted driving law in the United States. The proposed bill will ban additional activities behind the wheel besides cellphone usage.

Are antilock brakes safe for motorcyclists?

A lot of motorcycles on American roads these days are equipped with antilock braking systems, and for an excellent reason. Research into fatal motorcycle crashes, test track performance and insurance claims indicate that antilock brakes improve motorcycle performance and help prevent accidents.

1.7 million more vehicles recalled due to Takata airbag problems

The Takata Corp. airbag recall saga continues. Another 1.7 million vehicles in the United States have been added to the list in need of repairs. This time, it was German automakers Volkswagen, BMW and Audi that announced additional airbag-related recalls.

What is the safest way to apply the brakes on my car?

Your brakes are your best defense against getting into a car accident. If something unexpected happens on the roadway, you need to be able to stop as quickly as possible in order to avoid a collision. However, the safest way to brake is not just to slam your foot down on the pedal. This article will discuss several techniques that will help you stay safe when it is time to stop.

Stay safe by recognizing your tires' problem areas

It is not uncommon for improperly maintained tires to cause a New Jersey car accident. Poor tire maintenance is a leading cause of car wrecks and injuries. One of the reasons why so many accidents happen because of tires is because most drivers do not know what to look for when evaluating the safety of their tires. This article will discuss what you should be looking for when examining your tires.

School transportation association supports seat belts in buses

Most New Jersey residents will agree that seat belt usage makes sense. Indeed, it is one of the most important things that automobile drivers and passengers can do to avoid injury in the event of a collision. Nevertheless, the majority of school buses throughout the nation are still unequipped with seat belts. However, as the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services points out in a 2014 position paper on seat belt use in school buses, it makes sense to use seat belts in school buses, and school district should consider their use.

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