Premises Liability

Property Owners Have a Responsibility for Your Safety

Owners of commercial properties are required by law to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to keep the visiting public safe from harm while on their premises. Likewise, government entities can be held liable when people are injured because of unsafe conditions on publicly owned property. This type of legal responsibility is called "premises liability."

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More Than 35 Years' Experience Representing Injury Victims

If you have been hurt due to unsafe conditions or insufficient security at a public or commercial establishment, we can help you fight for compensation to cover your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Attorney Michael P. Burakoff has been winning premises liability lawsuits against large insurance companies for more than 35 years. He knows their strategies and tactics, and he fights back with integrity, hard work and an honest appeal for the justice you are entitled to.

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Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents

  • Slip and fall accidents: A bad fall can result in broken bones, spinal cord damage or even brain injury. Falls can be caused by slippery substances on the floor; by snow or ice build-up; or by unrepaired potholes, cracks in a sidewalk, or broken stair railings. Slip and fall accidents are especially common in retail stores and commercial parking lots. Another incident common in retail stores is when improperly stacked merchandise falls and causes injury.
  • When store customers are assaulted in parking lots, we often discover that inadequate security was provided despite the property owners' knowledge of previous assaults. In other cases, security guards themselves have assaulted customers, and mangers may have been negligent in failing to conduct proper background checks when they hired the guards.
  • Dog owners are responsible if their dog attacks someone, whether on private or public property. If the attack occurs on the dog owner's property, the owner is responsible unless the injured person was trespassing or provoked the dog to attack.
  • On-the-job injuries: Employers are also responsible to keep work environments reasonably safe for employees. This includes adhering to regulations governing chemical spills, mitigating environmental hazards such as noise pollution, and following basic safety precautions such as providing adequate light and clearing employee parking areas of snow and ice. If you have suffered a work-related injury due to an unsafe property condition, you may be entitled to recover damages in excess of workers' compensation.

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