Catastrophic Injuries

A Catastrophic Injury Means a Lifetime of Care and Bills

A catastrophic injury resulting in brain damage or paraplegia has an impact on the entire family. Spouses, children and extended family members are suddenly thrust in the position of being primary care-giver. The family's steady income may be interrupted. Relationships change. Family dynamics are never the same. How do you put a financial price tag on that kind of devastating effect on an individual and family? A life-changing injury isn't just about medical treatment. It's about seeking compensation for changed lives.

At The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, P.A., we understand that no monetary value can every truly cover the cost of a catastrophic injury in a family. We work with professional experts, medical specialists and insurance consultants to develop a case for full and fair money damages that victim's family's need. Attorney Michael Burakoff has more than 35 years of personal injury trial experience, fighting on the side of injury victims. It means standing up and fighting many of the largest insurance companies in the nation. It means being willing to go the extra mile for your family. It means do everything possible to win.

Our Reputation for Integrity Makes a Difference

New Jersey law requires doctors to cooperate with lawyers in cases involving serious personal injury. We know the laws and we work closely with doctors to ensure that the medical facts are relevant and clearly presented.

Contact our offices to discuss your family's circumstances with Mr. Burakoff. We will discuss our case history in settlements and jury awards involving catastrophic injury claims. Let us begin recovering the compensation your family needs. Mr. Burakoff is your personal injury advocate and ally.