Insurance Company Tactics When it comes to Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injury Lawyers Help Engage With Insurance Companies in Auto Accidents from Morristown to Newton NJ

Understanding Insurance Company Tactics When it comes to Motor Vehicle Accidents

The State of New Jersey is a no-fault auto accident state, meaning that drivers have insurance to cover their own injuries and damage in the event of a motor vehicle accident rather than insurance being required to pay the other party. However, this does not mean that you cannot sue the insurance company of a negligent driver who causes personal injuries or property damage.

It is important to remember that insurance companies are for profit businesses and, although it is a big part of what they do and the product they provide, any money that they pay out goes against their bottom line. For this reason, some insurance companies have become very adept at getting people to accept a smaller payment than they deserve.

The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and recovering full and fair compensation for his clients who have suffered personal injuries in all types of motor vehicle accidents due to third-party negligence in towns across Morris County and Sussex County. Call either our Morristown office or our Newton office today at (973) 520-0525 to discuss your individual needs, concerns and situation.

Insurance Company Tactics Sussex County NJ Lawyers

There are several common tactics employed by insurance companies across New Jersey in order to pay as little as possible to victims injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents.  On their surface and without full knowledge these offers may seem fair. However, in many cases the amount paid can be far below your actual needs especially in cases of catastrophic injuries that can cause permanent disability such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury among others.

These tactics often include:

  • The offering of an upfront lump sum payment.  Because litigation sometimes takes months and even years, receiving funds immediately may seem to be the solution to any money problems you may currently have. The problem is that the amount you receive may be inadequate to meet your long-term needs. In many instances further injuries may become apparent later and accepting a lump sum settlement upfront may make it difficult, if not impossible, to gain the full and fair compensation you may need to make your life whole again.
  • Convincing you to accept some blame. Although this may happen in a seemingly casual conversation with an adjuster, the problem is that anything you say can be used by the insurance company against you and your rightful claim. It is recommended that you keep from discussing fault altogether.
  • The settling medical claims prematurely. Generally, property damage and medical liabilities in accidents are handled separately. The insurance company may offer to pay both together in an immediate payment. The problem is that your health may deteriorate later and you may need further treatment. Grouping both property and medical expenses together may make sense for the insurance company but will seldom be to your advantage.

Why Morris County Injury Lawyers Are Important to Help You Through the Claims Process

Though a motor vehicle accident, for many of us, is a rare event, but it is something that insurance companies deal with on a daily basis. They often know the stress you may be under physically, emotionally and financially can make you vulnerable. For this reason, you will need someone who can match their experience and has knowledge of the law to be your adviser and representative when dealing with the negotiation and litigation related to your case.  It is critical to have someone who knows what you deserve and will fight to make sure you get it.

Though large insurance companies may seem intimidating it is important to remember that you do not have to face them alone.

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Attorney Michael P. Burakoff has decades of experience recovering full and fair compensation for our clients injured in motor vehicle accidents across New Jersey, Morris County, and Sussex County, including communities such as East Hanover, Morristown, Parsippany, Denville, Dover, Netcong, Hopatcong, and Newton.

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Morris and Sussex County Car Accident Guide

The Critical Few Minutes After an Automobile Accident

Morris and Sussex County Car Accident GuideMany who have been involved in even a minor motor vehicle accident can attest that it is a very traumatic experience. Accidents can be caused by or as a result of many things; such as drunk drivers or distracted drivers or dangerous road conditions. However, no matter the cause of the accident it is important to keep your wits about you as much as possible and begin the process of recovery; be it physical, emotional or financial. An experienced attorney will help you navigate the intricacies of an auto accident claim, and help you make the critical decisions that can and will impact your future. In many cases motor vehicle accidents can result in personal injury, substantial damage to property and even, in many tragic cases, wrongful death. It is advisable to have an advocate in your corner immediately, someone who can help you establish or mitigate liability and be your representative to insurance companies or other lawyers.

Attorney Michael P. Burakoff, utilizes a family-focused approach that has earned us the respect and gratitude of our clients and their families facing difficult and traumatic situations in towns across Morris County and Sussex County, including Newton, Dover, Denville, Netcong, Hopatcong, Rockaway, Parsippany, and Morristown.

Contact us to discuss your family’s unique needs, concerns, and situation when it comes to any type of motor vehicle accident in a free and confidential consultation with our legal team today. Please call our Morristown office or our Newton office.

What to do after a Morristown Car Accident?

Immediately after an accident it is important to remain calm. First, you should ascertain if you yourself have been injured.  Next you should check on the well being of any passengers who may have been traveling with you. After that you should, to the best of your ability, see if anyone else has sustained injuries, both the vehicle occupants or if someone has been injured as a result of a pedestrian accident. If there are any injuries, anyone is in need of medical attention, and/or public or private property has been damaged as a result of the crash, law enforcement should be contacted immediately.

Studies have shown, including those done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), that it is safest to remain inside your vehicle after a motor vehicle accident as long as there is not clear and present danger.  Secondary events, accidents and fatalities can be caused by disoriented and confused accident victims when they enter a dangerous roadway after a crash.

If your vehicle is blocking the roadway, it may be best to turn on your hazard lights in order to alert other motorist of your presence.  Upon arrival of authorities the vehicles can be moved, and information should be exchanged with all parties involved such as names, addresses, phone numbers and driver’s licence numbers.

Contact a Newton NJ Car Accident Lawyer Right After the Crash

After completing all of the steps reviewed in the above sections, there is a very common course of action that many people follow and that begins with a call to their insurance company.  However, it is important to remained focused on protecting the rights of you and your loved ones, especially if serious injuries have occurred.  A claim represents a cost to Insurers. That is not to say that all insurance companies are ill willed or out to get you. However, the higher the payments made to individuals submitting claims, the lower the profits are for the insurance company.

You should avoid signing any settlement agreements, do not accept any offers, be sure to document injuries, seek treatment, and document property damage. We all have heard at least one of the countless stories of people who have faithfully made payments for years without a claim only to have to fight with insurers for fair and just compensation when that insurance is needed.

For this reason an experienced Morris County or Sussex County attorney can make the difference to put you and your family in a position to help expedite and improve your physical, emotional, and financial recovery.  Because most people are not students of the law, they may not understand the legal process and know exactly what the law may say they are entitled to as defined by fair compensation and what Insurers are required to cover.  The insurance company will definitively have access to counsel on their side of the claim, and it important that you represent a position of strength as well through retaining an experienced Injury Litigator.

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The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, are conveniently located in both Sussex and Morris County, and have recovered full and fair compensation for motor vehicle accident victims in towns including Parsippany, Mt. Olive, Hopatcong, Roxbury, Andover, Newton, Morristown, and most neighboring communities. Arm yourself with the  resources and experience you need to handle insurance claims and lawsuits following any kind of motor vehicle accident.

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Morris County Attorneys Handle Auto Accident Cases Without InsuranceMorris County Attorneys Handle Auto Accident Cases Without Insurance

Driving can be a very stressful and the statistics available show that it is stressful for good reason.  Driving without insurance for many can be a cause of worry, high stress and a catalyst for conflict with law enforcement and state law.  Being involved in a car crash without the required coverage can turn a bad situation into a catastrophic event in someone’s life. With all of that said, there is some good news, in most cases you still have options that won’t land you in jail or lead.

In the regrettable event that you are involved in an auto accident and you don’t have insurance, you still have several options.  The first action you should take when you are involved in an auto accident in New Jersey with no insurance is to contact a personal injury lawyer.

The experienced New Jersey car accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff  serve towns across New Jersey, Morris County, and Sussex County, including East Hanover, Netcong, Dover, Chatham, Hopatcong, Parsippany, Rockaway, Newton, Florham Park, Mt. Olive, Denville, Morristown, and more. We have the experience, compassion and skill to provide the legal assistance you need. If you or a loved one get involved in a car accident without insurance or if you have been injured or your vehicle damaged by an uninsured driver in New Jersey, contact us today to put an experienced and skilled advocate on your side.

Penalties For Driving Without Insurance Morristown NJ

New Jersey is one of the most strict states when it comes to the issue of automobile insurance. It is an absolute requirement for operating a motor vehicle. New Jersey Statute 39:6B-1, also known as the New Jersey Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance Law, states, “Every owner or registered owner of a motor vehicle registered or principally garaged in this State shall maintain motor vehicle liability insurance coverage; insuring against loss resulting from liability imposed by law for any damage, to property or people, caused during an accident involving that vehicle.”

Moreover, New Jersey law – Statute 39:6B-2 – actually criminalizes not having motor vehicle insurance. First-time offenders may be fined from $300 to $1000, stripped of the ability to drive in New Jersey for a year legally and/or made to perform community service. Further violations and convictions raise the maximum fine to $5000 and as many as 14 days of imprisonment. Repeat offenders are also prohibited from driving for up to two years and must then re-apply for a driver’s license.

Despite these strict penalties there are still thousands of drivers who do not have insurance.  Most of them may not know what to do if involved in an auto accident. If injured many may want to know “do I have a personal injury claim?” As well as many other questions such as, what is New Jersey uninsured motorist coverage?

Can I Sue For Damages in Sussex County NJ If I Have No Insurance?

If you do not have insurance and are not at fault in an auto accident where there are serious injuries of any kind or substantial damages to your vehicle you may be able to recover some economic damages, such as damage done to your car as well as medical costs. However, even if the other driver is found by the court to be 100% at fault for the car accident, you will not be eligible to receive compensation for non-economic damages, such as emotional distress.

Parsippanny NJ Lawyers Explain Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The intended purpose of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is to guard against situations in which one party in an automobile accident does not have enough insurance or does not carry insurance at all. Therefore, the intent of mandatory uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is to protect people against irresponsible individuals who have injured others, due to their own fault, while operating an automobile or other motor vehicle. If the uninsured or underinsured individual is not found to be at fault, most underinsured/uninsured motorist policies will not apply.

However, if you are involved in any type of car accident is is recommended that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Uninsured Motor vehicle claims across Morris and Sussex County

The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff has extensive experience recovering full and fair compensation for motor vehicle accident injury victims who are both insured and uninsured in towns across New Jersey, Morris County, and Sussex County including Newton, Morristown, Parsippany, Mt. Olive, Hopatcong, Roxbury, Andover as well as neighboring communities.

Our firm has the resources and experience necessary to represent you in insurance claims and lawsuits following all types of motor vehicle accidents.

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Personal Injury Settlement Offers in Morris County and Sussex County

Newton NJ Personal Injury AttorneyMany people are surprised to learn that almost 97% of all personal injury claims end in a settlement of some kind, rather than a jury verdict or judge’s ruling. This staggering percentage is due to several different incentives (which we will discuss in detail below) for both the injury victim as well as the opposing insurance company.

However, just because the vast majority of personal injury claims end in settlement doesn’t mean that yours necessarily has to, or especially that you should accept the first offer that is made for your personal injury claim.

Here is what you need to know when it comes to the advantages of personal injury claim settlements, and how to better gauge when an offer is fair to you, when you should continue to negotiate for a better offer, or when instead you may have to rely on a jury or judge to award you the financial compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Dover Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses The Benefits of Settling Your Claim

As previously mentioned, there are several different distinct benefits in settling a personal injury claim for both parties involved in the dispute.

For the injury victim, recovering compensation in a timely manner can be critical to their financial stability. If their injuries leave them unable to work, or require expensive medical treatment, the cost of these factors can add up quickly. By accepting a settlement rather than spending months (if not years) in court, injury victims can much more quickly recover the financial compensation that they and their families need for the damages they have suffered.

On the other hand, insurance companies are also often incentivized into resolving a personal injury claim through a settlement, rather than risking a jury verdict. A settlement is a number that they can control, something a bottom-line oriented company like an insurance company is much more inclined towards, rather than the total unknown of a jury or judge verdict. Additionally, corporate legal representation can be extremely expensive, and the longer the personal injury claim process takes, the greater an expense the insurance company will incur.

Accepting a Settlement Offer for Your Morris County Personal Injury Claim

So while both parties have numerous different reasons to want to settle a personal injury dispute rather than have a jury or judge settle it for them, that doesn’t mean the injury victim should accept the first settlement offer that is made by the insurance company.

In fact, as a general rule of thumb, initial settlement offers are almost always lowball offers which do not accurately reflect the extent of the damages the injury victim has suffered. Evaluating the long-term implications an injury can have on your life and the lives of your family often require consultation with financial experts and medical experts, and validation of these experts findings with the opposing insurance company (all things which an experienced Morris County personal injury lawyer can provide for you).

Considering the fact that once a settlement offer is accepted for a given accident and resulting injury damages, no further claim can be pursued for the same accident and injuries, it is crucial that you recover full and fair compensation the first time around, as there are no second chances when it comes to personal injury law.

By retaining the services of an experienced attorney, you can make a much more informed and well-thought out decision when it comes to accepting a settlement offer, pursuing further negotiations, or taking your claim to trial.

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At The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, we have extensive experience helping clients recover full and fair compensation for injuries resulting from accidents of all kinds, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, accidents with drunk drivers, construction accidents, work-related accidents, accidents on dangerous or poorly-maintained properties, and more.

Attorney Michael Burakoff strongly believes in working closely not only with his clients, but with their families as well. This is through an intimate understanding of exactly how traumatic an accident and resulting injuries can be to the lives of all the family members, not only the injury victim themselves.

With offices in both Morristown and Newton, our firm is ready to provide effective, knowledgeable, and attentive legal service to clients and families in towns across Morris County and Sussex County. To speak with Michael Burakoff and our legal team today regarding your accident, your options for recovering financial compensation, and how exactly we can help you to do so, please contact us online, or through either our Morristown office or our Newton office at (973) 520-0525.

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