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Morristown Train Accidents Attorney

Protecting Train-Accident Victims in New Jersey

Train Accidents Attorneys Morris and Sussex County NJTrains and subways transport millions of people per day. To avoid injuries to the public or to employees, inspections must be conducted in accordance with the law and all necessary repairs made in a timely manner. However, despite local and federal laws and safety measures, accidents happen, often resulting in injuries or death. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a railway accident, consult with an attorney from our office. Our attorneys will review the accident and if possible, assist in obtaining financial recovery for your physical, mental, and financial losses.

Train accidents do not necessarily involve a collision or derailment. Pedestrians can slip and fall under trains and get injured. Any suit where a train or railroad is involved requires the experience of a train accident attorney.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident, you need to consider enlisting the help of experienced and knowledgeable Morristown train accident attorneys. At The Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff, we provide the knowledge and experience you need by your side. Call us at 973-455-1567 or visit our website.

Improper Maintenance and Inspection Risk Safety on Trains

While some accidents are unavoidable, others could have been avoided through proper maintenance and inspections of the railways for safety hazards. Under the law, rules and regulations must be adhered to and companies should have systems in place to ensure safety. Companies who encourage cost-saving methods that cause safety risks to the public can and should be punished.

Causes of Train Accidents Morristown NJ

The Federal Railway Association (FRA) is a non-profit governmental agency that assists in the collection of data associated with railway accidents. This agency requires railroad companies to immediately report any train-related accident, as well as the type of accidents that occur.  Some of the more commonly reported accidents involve highway/railroad crossing accidents, rail equipment accidents, and injuries to any person involved in activities with a train or railroad.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in 2013, there were 779 train accidents in New Jersey with a total of 21 fatalities. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that most train fatalities are a result of people trespassing and being hit by trains.  In other instances, fatalities and injuries are a result of collisions with other trains, buses, cars or trucks; or accidents at unmarked railroad crossings.

In addition to the above, there can be multiple reasons that a train or railway accident occurs. Common causes of trail accidents are:

  • Human error (fatigue, inexperience, communication errors): this includes excessive speeding and failure to use the breaks accordingly;
  • Mechanical or electrical errors;
  • Track and roadbed malfunctions: structural defects, failure to maintain train equipment, and/or issues related to railroad tracks.

Basic Tips to Avoid Injury on or around Trains

Train AccidentsThere are also things that everyone can do to avoid being injured by trains.  Do not walk on railroad tracks even if you think that there is no train coming or that the track is no longer in use.  Also, stop at all railroad crossings and check for oncoming trains. Obey all traffic signals and laws and do not drive around barriers to trains.  Not all railroad crossings have flashing red lights to warn you that a train is coming, but you should always stop and look both ways before crossing.

While nearing the tracks, never stop unless signaled to do so by a sign, lights, or a law enforcement officer. You should never remain on the railroad tracks with your vehicle.  Do not ride along the railroad tracks. While some people enjoy riding a motorcycle, dirt bike, bicycle or four-wheeler along the tracks, you are at risk of death or injury by doing so.  Keep in mind, the breaks of a train do not work like the breaks of a car and the train often needs substantial warning and space to stop.

Contact a Train Accident Attorney and Determine Liability and Negligence

If unfortunately, you or someone related to you has been injured in a train accident, it is recommendable to consult with a specialized attorney.  If the court determines that the railway or railway operator was negligent and that their negligence caused your injuries, you may collect damages for injuries, loss of income, medical costs, and pain and suffering.Do not delay in seeking the advice if an attorney, as there can be a statute of limitations that will bar recovery if a claim is not filed in a timely manner.

To speak with Michael Burakoff and our legal team today in a free and confidential consultation regarding any kind of truck accident, your options for holding responsible parties liable and securing financial compensation, and how exactly we can help you to do so, please contact us online, or through either our Morristown office or our Newton office at 973-455-1567.

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