Steps You Should Take Following a NJ Car Accident

What do I do after a Morris or Sussex County Car Accident?

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What do I do after a Morris or Sussex County Car Accident?Car accidents are all too common nowadays with the increase in people owning their own car. As a result, New Jersey roadways now average over 50,000 car crashes per year. Therefore, whether involved in a multi-vehicle accident, bus accident, or any type of motor vehicle accident it is important to know what critical steps you should take. Above all, your own health in these situations should be considered as the most important factor when considering what to do next.

For some people, a car accident can be a very disturbing event where it can be difficult to know what to do in that specific moment, you may block important facts such as the rights you have and eventually how to reach a settlement if in fact you or someone involved has suffered an injury. Those moments are crucial and you need the legal advice of an experienced injury attorney. Call the Law Offices of Michael P. Burakoff at (973) 520-0525 and we will walk you through the complicated legal process and provide the counsel you need to make educated decisions for you and your family.

Steps to follow if you are part of a Car Accident

Important steps to follow;

  • As mentioned previously you should first concentrate on your own health. If this means a trip to the hospital, then it is important that you do so
  • Take note of any witnesses so you can check any information at a later date that may be beneficial to the police
  • If you do not need medical treatment, stay where you are until a police officer tells you that you can go. This is particularly significant if anybody was injured at the time of the accident
  • If you leave your car before first, check if any other parties are injured
  • Evaluate any visible damage to the vehicles and make sure you take photos of any damage

When talking to the police after an accident, they will ask you to identify yourself and provide a form of identification. This could be your driving license or any other documents that you might have on your person. At this time you should also provide your insurance details for the vehicle along with the number plate.

What are your rights when talking to a Police Officer?

If the police officer is questioning you about an action that could result in criminal charges then you have the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney. Such charges could include driving under the influence or possession of illegal drugs. However, It important to be patient and cooperate with the police officer in order to prevent the situation worsening.

If the police officer thinks that you violated New Jersey’s traffic laws, then they might issue you a ticket. Once the traffic citation is given, you must sign it and accept it. This, however, is not a formal acceptance of guilt, but a simple agreement that you will attend a court hearing regarding the citation. When attending the court date you may plead not guilty and request a trial. You can also try to negotiate some sort of deal with the prosecutor that may include attending a driver awareness course or paying a fine. Following this, the citation can then be waived and in some cases, taken off your driving record.

How to Report a Car Accident in New Jersey

Following the event of a car accident in New Jersey, you usually have 10 days to file a written accident report. If the crash resulted in death or injury, and/or damage to property (more than $500) you need to file a report to the local authorities. If there was no police officer at the scene then you must report to the nearest office of the county police. Alternatively, you can report to the New Jersey State Police via telephone.

If the driver involved is not able to file a written report and there was another passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident, then that passenger should do so on behalf of the driver. The legal owner of the vehicle involved in the accident can also file the written report on behalf of the driver.

In order to file a written car crash report with the New Jersey MVC, you, your insurance provider, the vehicle owner or legal representative must draft the written report and submit it as a letter to the MVC. In the report, you need to provide as much information as possible including at least:

  • The conditions then existing at the accident,
  • The parties and vehicles involved in the accident and their insurance details
  • The cause(s) of the accident

However, it is important to note exceptions to filing a report. For example, if a police officer has already submitted a written report, then one does not need to be sent to the local law enforcement authorities or the MVC. Make sure you check that this has been sent before deciding not to file a written report.

Failing to File a Report after a NJ Auto Accident

Failing to report the accident may result in you being charged in accordance with the New Jersey Traffic Law 39:4-130. Under this section, you could be fined anywhere from $30 to $100, in addition to the suspension or loss of your driving license. Even if you immediately report the accident via telephone, you may be still found guilty of failing to report an accident in New Jersey if you do not provide the written report. However, if you did not flee the scene of the accident, it may be possible to keep your license from suspension if you are represented by a committed and knowledgeable attorney.

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Morris and Sussex County Car Accident Guide

The Critical Few Minutes After an Automobile Accident

Morris and Sussex County Car Accident GuideMany who have been involved in even a minor motor vehicle accident can attest that it is a very traumatic experience. Accidents can be caused by or as a result of many things; such as drunk drivers or distracted drivers or dangerous road conditions. However, no matter the cause of the accident it is important to keep your wits about you as much as possible and begin the process of recovery; be it physical, emotional or financial. An experienced attorney will help you navigate the intricacies of an auto accident claim, and help you make the critical decisions that can and will impact your future. In many cases motor vehicle accidents can result in personal injury, substantial damage to property and even, in many tragic cases, wrongful death. It is advisable to have an advocate in your corner immediately, someone who can help you establish or mitigate liability and be your representative to insurance companies or other lawyers.

Attorney Michael P. Burakoff, utilizes a family-focused approach that has earned us the respect and gratitude of our clients and their families facing difficult and traumatic situations in towns across Morris County and Sussex County, including Newton, Dover, Denville, Netcong, Hopatcong, Rockaway, Parsippany, and Morristown.

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What to do after a Morristown Car Accident?

Immediately after an accident it is important to remain calm. First, you should ascertain if you yourself have been injured.  Next you should check on the well being of any passengers who may have been traveling with you. After that you should, to the best of your ability, see if anyone else has sustained injuries, both the vehicle occupants or if someone has been injured as a result of a pedestrian accident. If there are any injuries, anyone is in need of medical attention, and/or public or private property has been damaged as a result of the crash, law enforcement should be contacted immediately.

Studies have shown, including those done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), that it is safest to remain inside your vehicle after a motor vehicle accident as long as there is not clear and present danger.  Secondary events, accidents and fatalities can be caused by disoriented and confused accident victims when they enter a dangerous roadway after a crash.

If your vehicle is blocking the roadway, it may be best to turn on your hazard lights in order to alert other motorist of your presence.  Upon arrival of authorities the vehicles can be moved, and information should be exchanged with all parties involved such as names, addresses, phone numbers and driver’s licence numbers.

Contact a Newton NJ Car Accident Lawyer Right After the Crash

After completing all of the steps reviewed in the above sections, there is a very common course of action that many people follow and that begins with a call to their insurance company.  However, it is important to remained focused on protecting the rights of you and your loved ones, especially if serious injuries have occurred.  A claim represents a cost to Insurers. That is not to say that all insurance companies are ill willed or out to get you. However, the higher the payments made to individuals submitting claims, the lower the profits are for the insurance company.

You should avoid signing any settlement agreements, do not accept any offers, be sure to document injuries, seek treatment, and document property damage. We all have heard at least one of the countless stories of people who have faithfully made payments for years without a claim only to have to fight with insurers for fair and just compensation when that insurance is needed.

For this reason an experienced Morris County or Sussex County attorney can make the difference to put you and your family in a position to help expedite and improve your physical, emotional, and financial recovery.  Because most people are not students of the law, they may not understand the legal process and know exactly what the law may say they are entitled to as defined by fair compensation and what Insurers are required to cover.  The insurance company will definitively have access to counsel on their side of the claim, and it important that you represent a position of strength as well through retaining an experienced Injury Litigator.

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