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June 2015 Archives

Pursuing personal injury claims for rear-end collisions

In the state of New Jersey, police are usually more apt to assign fault to the other driver in an accident if the driver hits you from behind. According to New Jersey laws, drivers in the back of another vehicle have a higher degree of legal responsibility. As such, drivers who rear-end other cars are usually liable for the damages and injuries that result from the crash.

Distracted drivers should change for safety's sake

Excellent drivers stay fully aware of their surroundings at all times. They watch carefully to make sure that they are not presenting a danger to themselves or others. Unfortunately, they share the roads with drivers that don't do any of those things. Drivers who don't pay attention while on the roads are called distracted drivers, and they present a major danger to anyone else. Good drivers should be wary of distracted drivers, and distracted drivers should mend their ways and start paying attention. Why?

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