Safety Code Violations

There Are Laws to Protect Construction Site Workers. We Know Them All.

Because construction is recognized as a hazardous occupation, specific safety codes and federal regulations are in place to make sure employers protect the safety of their workers.

Some safety regulations are state-specific, but many safety regulations come from the federal workplace safety agency — the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has specific safety rules for different professions — including construction. OSHA also has regulations that give employees certain rights to take actions to protect their own safety.

When OSHA violations or safety code violations result in serious injury or a fatality on a construction site, the injured worker may have the right to file a private lawsuit in addition to a workers' compensation claim. Common safety code violations include:

  • Slippery conditions on the job site
  • Unsafe entries and exits
  • Insufficient arm rails
  • Poorly secured ladders and scaffolds
  • Exposed holes with no warning signs
  • Worn out harnesses or other protective equipment

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