Forklift Accidents

Improper Forklift Operation Can Cause Serious Injury

Like most heavy machinery, forklifts can be dangerous. Today, forklifts are used frequently in retail stores, in warehouses and on construction sites. Should it come as a surprise that many construction site and retail store accidents involve forklifts?

If you have suffered injury as a result of a forklift, you may have more legal options than you realize. The process of seeking financial compensation for your injuries and losses can vary depending on a number of factors — including whether you were injured as a customer at a store or as a worker on a job site.

Don't give up your right to full and fair compensation for injury after a forklift accident. Get a knowledgeable opinion about your legal rights from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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Forklift Accidents and Construction Workers

When injury occurs due to a forklift accident on a construction site, the legal options of the injured worker depend in part on the specific circumstances of the accident. Injured workers may be encouraged to accept a workers' compensation settlement as complete compensation for their injuries. Before accepting such a settlement, however, it is wise to get advice about other potential options.

Workplace accident cases are often complex, and an experienced lawyer can help make sure you get full and fair compensation.

Forklift Accidents at Retail Stores

When a customer is injured in a forklift accident at a retail store, the legal picture is completely different than when it is a worker who is injured. In retail store accidents, the safety of patrons is governed by laws known as premises liability. In brief, retail store owners have a legal responsibility to keep shoppers reasonably safe from harm. If a forklift accident was caused by an unlicensed operator or lack of safety signs, then the store owner may be held legally responsible.

Forklift Accidents Caused by Defective Design or Manufacture

In both construction site and retail store cases, it is possible that the accident was caused in part by a defect in the forklift itself. Under the law of product liability, the designer and manufacturer of a product have a legal responsibility to design and build products so as to make them reasonably safe for use.

Complex Cases Require Knowledgeable Legal Help

Having demonstrated the complex nature of legal claims based on injury caused by a forklift accident, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary initial consultation. We will investigate every aspect of the accident that caused your injuries and seek out every cause and every potential source of compensation.